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Disrupting the old DNS

DNS (Domain Name Service) is using the old internet and a closed system controlled by a few.
Yet the internet is meant to be an open web.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blockchain enabled DNS? One that isn’t controlled by large private corporations who rent to use their domain naming system on a yearly basis?

Be Part of the New Internet

Be an Early Adopter and Claim Your TLD of the decentralized web

In comes HNS

Handshake, and Namebase is leading the charge - to create a blockchain enabled DNS called HNS

HNS is the coin, the currency, that enables this to be made and maintained.

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Do you want to claim your own TLD?

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Imagine you are the owner of .mink
That means you can sell mike.mink for a yearly fee - just like you buy a .com.
It is 2020, and this is still very possible to do.

Get ahead

Get ahead now and work with a broker at SkyInclude to ensure you are included in this new world.

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