Support the Handshake Peer to Peer Network – Run HSD Full Nodes!

Here at SkyInclude, we love Handshake. We have reviewed and studied many other protocols and naming solutions - trying to be unbiased and open minded - but keep coming back to Handshake.

Our love continues to grow, and one way to show that love is to run full nodes.


It supports decentralization. It supports the Handshake network. It allows others to connect to your node if they prefer it over other nodes on the network (distribution and decentralization).

But unfortunately- no, these are not paid or incentivized by the network.

So it is up to us, as a decentralized community - to run nodes!

Here are the ones we are running:

HSD Node on FLUX

In early October, 2022 we learned from a community member how to run a HSD full node on FLUX network.

Ours is here: SkyIncludeHSD

Flux Full Node
And if you want to learn how to run one yourself- check out LOFiZE’s guide here:

The video tutorial on how to deploy a Handshake Node $HNS onto
is now live on my YouTube channel.

Watch Video Instructions:

Text Based Instructions:

LOFiZE_ tweet

Plug and Play HSD Node Now Available

Since the video tutorial I followed was setup - Flux added a plug and play button to run a HSD full node. And it only costs about 2.3 FLUX per month!

This is wow!
is now available on
cloud compute market place. You can easily now deploy a full node. Innovate, create marketplaces, registry/registrar in your own way.


👀 👌

node 1 click

HSD Node on Akash (AKT) [coming soon]

We also see Akash soon supporting HSD full nodes, and it is currently in beta.

We at SkyInclude plan to run a full HSD node there as well.

Get on the beta for Akash here

Open invite to any $HNS node operator that wants to try it out.

Will provide access, support, & technical documentation to get this done.

We can work out the kinks and have it ready to ship as we release MN4.

DMs open.