About Us

The idea of Sky Include is - a bridge between the current (old DNS) internet and the new (blockchain / Handshake / HNS) internet.

Sky Include means we help include as many people get onto the Sky. 

Thank you so much for heading over to SkyInclude where it is our goal to help you “get included” in the new dWeb - or decentralized web, aka web 3.0.

We have put together an extensive amount of guides in video and text form about Handshake (HNS) domains as well as about hosting and DNS configuration. Even diving into mining and internet marketing with Handshake!

The more open and free the internet is, the better - and we believe more usage and engagement in the Handshake community builds a better future for ourselves and the future of society.

We are also building out tools and services to help make things just a little bit easier for you to do that. Plus uncover other amazing tools and services in this exciting new internet.

Join us in the next video guides, and let’s learn Handshake domains and the dWeb together!

About the Logo: Into the Future.

It is like the concept of leaving a failing planet and you are trying to reach for the sky to be included.

The logo represents a man, a hand, reaching out to the sky to be included in the new internet, the decentralized web. He is reaching out from the old, decaying, corrupt internet - and yearning to be included in the new world.
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The New World

Join us in this new world, and let SkyInclude help you do so (if you so desire). Of course, you can do it on your own, be we are your helping hand in bridging you to the new sky.

Be Part of the New Internet