Tutorial: Making your own NFT Resume on USwap & HNS ID

As we lead up to HandyCon this week - want to give an overview of one of our community sponsors and friends - Alex Neto - who has a new startup Uswap.xyz for NFT resumes / web3 job recruiting.

Steps below

1. Navigate to Uswap.xyz

2. Connect your web3 (ethereum) wallet - (MetaMask)

Have a metamask wallet ready, and have ETH (ethereum) funds - about 10 usd worth - in your Optimism l2 balance

adding more utility to Handshake

3. Start to upload your information

Profile photo, there is a background which is instructed to be 1500 x 500 pixels, your job experience, your school experience.

4. Mint your Resume NFT

Once you are ready, you can mint the NFT. There is a USwap fee of 8usd (paid in eth) on the Optimism (layer 2 of Ethereum) protocol.

Note: Gas fees are low!

I took a screenshot for you, but being on Optimism L2 network, the fees are nowhere near what it is on Ethereum Layer 1 / Mainnet - you are paying pennies.

Now Your NFT is on Opensea / NFT marketplaces

And there you go - now your Resume is “web3” and you can show off to employers you know web3 because you can make a NFT resume.


Setting your HNS Id name as your name

Setting your HNS Id name as your name

Those in the Handshake community interested in how to set your HNS Id name as your name in the USwap interface - go to your account in HNS.ID and go to settings.

There is a primary name section, edit it - from the dropdown you will see all the names you have registered and can select the name to be your primary.

This will then automatically update on USwap.

Changing your wallet to show as your name

Go to HNS.id and go to settings and update primary address to the address

update primary address to the address

Those Developers Curious how USwap did that? Using Wallet Connect

I’m adding in here for the Loadpipe team as well as anyone else - if you’d also like to use HNS ID names in your dapp - this is how USwap did it:

How to resolve HNS.id names on Loadpipe -

For the wallet resolution:


And that is the default resolver contract


Let’s keep building useful use cases for Handshake names!

Thanks Alex - for supporting HandyCon as a community sponsor, building USwap, and adding more utility to Handshake!